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Step 1 | Cutting and sterilisation

Every parent plant has meristems: cell tissue that is capable of growth. This part of the plant can be propagated and is therefore important in the propagation process. We cut the meristems from the parent plant very carefully, with great precision. Then, they are sterilised. That rules out any kind of mildew or bacteria!

Step 2 | Propagation

To allow it grow into a new cutting, we place these sterilised meristems on a culture medium. That medium consists of a special growth jelly called agar. Then, the meristems go into test tubes where they continue to grow.

Step 3 | Rooting

The meristems have now grown into little plants! Time to take root. As the name will tell you, in this stage the little plants start to develop roots. This is an important step, because the roots are necessary for the plants to continue to grow in the next stage. The culture medium is thus essential for growing strong, well-rooted plants.

Step 4 | Hardening

Almost done! For the final step, we replant the rooted plants into substrate and place them under plastic or mist. After 2 to 3 weeks, they become more and more active. After a total of 8 weeks, our goal is achieved. The plants have grown into strong, identical and well-rooted plants. Time to deliver the plug plants to our clients!