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Producer of high-quality plant tissue culture

Know more about GP Plants?

We are GP Plants. A producer of high-quality plant tissue culture for breeders and growers. What does that entail exactly? Let us tell you all about it!

We propagate parent plants that are selected by breeders for their unique properties. We do all of this - under sterile conditions - at our own laboratory and our nurseries in the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to our experience, we are now specialised in many perennial plant species, including Heuchera and Echinacea.

Our product range

We constantly expand our range by growing new plant species. In doing so, we improve our work process time and time again. We sell the plants to growers all over the world.

Receive our brochure?

Our brochure introduces GP Plants and tells you all about our method. We are happy to share our passion with you!

Reliable craftsmanship is the foundation of a high-quality product

At GP Plants, we believe in reliable craftsmanship. Every plant we propagate grows under optimal light and temperature, with a special culture medium and a lot of tender loving care. We keep a close eye on all our plants, and with our precise methods, we always aim for top quality.

The goal of our work is always to create strong, well-rooted plants. How we achieve that goal? We are very involved with our employees so as to create a good work environment. Proper communication with our clients also ensures that we can deliver the product they expect from us.