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Introducing GP Plants

Every day, we put our love and passion for plants into propagating (parent) plants. We propagate parent plants that were selected by breeders for their unique properties. At GP Plants, we work together with breeders in the Netherlands and abroad. The companies we work with include CNB, Kwekerij Heutinck and Terra Nova Nurseries.

Sales and our own cultivation

GP Plants is the link between breeders and growers. How does that work? It’s actually quite simple!

We receive new species of parent plants from breeders in the Netherlands and abroad. It is our job to propagate these new species to create strong, identical and well-rooted plants. When that goal is achieved, the plug plants are ready to be delivered to growers in the US, Asia and Europe.

To ensure quality, we propagate these plants in four steps. In each step, we closely monitor the process and try to improve the process time and time again. That way, we can guarantee that our plug plants and plant tissue culture are the best materials to work with!